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Global Warming Effect on Land & Infrastructure in Bangladesh


The world’s climate has always been changing between hotter and cooler periods due to various factors. Some developing countries are under go to sea level rise due to their low lying nature and limited financial resources to tackle this change. Among the most vulnerable countries with large populations in deltaic coastal regions such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, China and Egypt. Technologies do have the potential to help us adapt to changes in climate. The present paper analyzes the sea level rise impacts on land, water salinity, agriculture, humanity and possible policy interventions in coastal areas of Bangladesh. Future generations will have no place to live on this planet Earth.  We should ensure that the coming generations will be able to enjoy the beauty of the country like people have enjoyed previously and be able to have enough space and food to live.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Contribution of Forest to the National Economy of Bangladesh

Forestry has manifold contributions towards the welfare of mankind. This many by using high methods has become known on the advancement connected with the world. The forestry sector contributes about 1.79% of the total GDP of Bangladesh. Forest and tree resources also play an important role in protecting watersheds, irrigation and hydraulic structures, also in keeping the rivers and ports navigable. Additionally, they participate in essential jobs throughout defending your resort parts via pure mishaps. The role of forest in protecting the environment from pollution and its contribution towards biodiversity is immense.

Occupation Creation

Within 2001-2002, regarding 2% from the complete manpower from the nation had been involved within the forestry field. Many people benefited directly from forestry-related activities e.g. in the wood based industry, saw milling, furniture making, establishing and operating private nurseries, logging, and in afforestation programs. Besides this, in the Sundarban region, millions of people depend on the mangrove forest for their livelihood (e.g. mawali, bawali, fishermen, etc.).

contribution of forest

Monday, August 24, 2015

Environment Alter as Well as Exactly How It Might Impact Upon Bangladesh Woodland

Expanding salinity threatens Sundarban.

Decreasing  flow  of  water  through  the  rivers  from upstream  is  destroying  the  ecosystem  of  Sundarban. Experts  from  home  and  abroad  observed  that  alarming decrease  in  water  flow  down  the  rivers  caused  high salinity  in  both  water  and  soil  of  Sundarban,  causing  a massive  change  in  fauna  composition  of  the  forest. Sundarban,  which  lies  across  the  outer  deltas  of  the Ganges,  Brahmaputra  and Meghna rivers, is  the largest mangrove  forest  in  the  world.  The  number  of  timber producing big trees such as Sundari is decreasing at the proportionate  rate  at  the  increase  of  salinity,  Abstract from  a  paper  on  Biodiversity  and  its  Conservation  in Sundarban Mangrove Ecosystem by Indian scholars Brij Science journal also revealed the same result  (New  Age ,  2011).  The latest  report  of  World  Conservation Monitoring warned that a long-term ecological change is taking place in Sundarban due to the eastward migration of the Ganges, abandonment of some distributaries and past  diversion  of  water  and  withdrawals  for  irrigation (New Age, 2011).
climate impact on forest

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Environment Alter Effect on Forest

Adverse effects of climate change and environmental disasters as a result of the millions of forest areas people living and facing in extreme threats. The Sundarbans, Rangamati, Bandarban, Khagrachhari, Sylhet and Chittagong are threatened in many regions. Decrease in agricultural production and forestry resources. Several indigenous species of fish and animals are extinct. The lack of employment has been under extreme uncertainty about the millions of people dependent on forestry. The coastal districts storm "KOMENA" after the hit and flooded the area before the news has come.
climate change impact on forest
According to various research reports and data, global warming, climate change, Farakka, fill the bottom of the river adjacent to the coastal regions along the Bay of Bengal due to natural disaster becomes ineligible to live day by day. Especially in the Sundarbans mangrove forest and its adverse impact on biological diversity.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Bad Effect on Agriculture and Fishery Area of Bangladesh

Because mentioned previously, the actual economic climate associated with Bangladesh is dependent on Farming primarily, along with 2 thirds from the population involved (directly or even indirectly) upon Farming actions; even though nation is attempting proceed in the direction of industrialization gradually over the last 1 . 5 10 years nearly. Therefore, the entire effect associated with Environment Alter upon Farming manufacturing within Bangladesh will be endemic as well as damaging for that country’s economic climate. The actual fisheries field has additionally skilled a detrimental impact due to the effects associated with Environment Alter.

Bad Effect Overview of Agriculture Sector
Agriculture is the most important sector of Bangladesh economy due to its role in food security, employment and livelihood. The current share of agriculture to GDP is around 21%, although this share has been declining in the last ten years along with the one of the agricultural sub sectors. Still more than 70% of the people in Bangladesh are directly or indirectly employed in this sector.

Bad Effect on Agriculture and Fishery Area
The agriculture of Bangladesh is dominated by crops which accounts about half of total agricultural GDP Fisheries & livestock are also important sub-sector contributing to agricultural GDP. There are, however, substantial year to year fluctuations in these rates and it is most pronounced in case of crops.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Climate Change & Its Impacts on Rural Arias

Bangladesh is actually rated reduced Human Development Index (HDI) not to mention the Gender Development Index (GDI). In spite of numerous surgery as well as guidelines through nearby establishments as well as international companies, individuals are battling to create all of them inside a much better spot to maintain. The actual physical area from the nation offers created the folks greatly relied about the atmosphere as well as susceptible to organic unfortunate occurrences. Environment Alter may worsen this case for individuals who tend to be bad as well as reside in non-urban places. With this framework, research may be carried out in order to measure the effect associated with environment alter within the non-urban living associated with Bangladesh.

Geographic Location
The actual geographic area as well as GEO-morphological problems associated with Bangladesh possess created the nation probably the most susceptible types in order to environment alter, especially in order to Ocean Degree Increase. Bangladesh can be found in the user interface associated with 2 various conditions, using the types of associated with Bengal towards the south and also the Himalayas towards the northern. This particular unusual location associated with Bangladesh leads to not just life-giving monsoons but additionally devastating ravages associated with organic unfortunate occurrences, in order to that right now tend to be additional environment alter as well as SLR CAMERA. Regarding 10% from the nation is actually barely 1 meter over the actual imply ocean degree (MSL), as well as one-third is actually below tidal activities. The nation offers 3 unique seaside regions-namely, traditional western, main, as well as far eastern seaside areas within the non-urban section of Narail area, 73. 6% individuals are involved within farming actions. Included in this 51% is actually little player, 20. 8% is actually moderate as well as 1. 9% is actually big maqui berry farmers. Since the populace is actually growing daily and also the cultivable property is actually decreasing, progressively lots of people are becoming involved with plantation worker that is 22% from the complete home. These types of those who are primarily involved within every day worker within the city region are actually operating primarily within the real estate sectors. Regarding 4% from the populace is actually anglers who're carrying this out work using their fore dads plus they are primarily associated with Hindu faith. Thinking about the complete financial situation from the Narail area, 41% associated with populace life below lower income collection as well as 14% of these are extremely bad. The ladies who're forty-nine. 51% from the populace tend to be primarily involved within home actions. Apart from this particular, these people stay involved within harvest digesting actions as well as pad sectors within the town.

Climate Change & its Impacts on Rural Arias

Flooding Due to Climate Change Effects

Through start of the 21st hundred years a brand new issue “water logging” (the long-term inundation of areas as a result of inadequate drainage) came about within south-west seaside area associated with Bangladesh. And so the research had been targeted to investigate the issue with regard to creating befitted plan to be able to conquer water working issue within south-west seaside area associated with Bangladesh.

Massive amounts usually are sorted dependent on spatiality, timing, high intensity in addition to length of time in several communities:
• Rainwater massive amounts
• Flash floods
• Tidal floods
• Cyclone in addition to thunderstorm tremendous increase deluge

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Bangladesh might be one of the most vulnerable countries on the globe to climate change. Bangladesh is often a disaster-prone country. Almost yearly, the country experiences disasters of a single kind or another - including tropical cyclones, storm spikes, coastal erosion, floods, and droughts - causing heavy decrease of life and property along with jeopardizing the development pursuits. Most of the local climate change impacts in Bangladesh will certainly come from the south - that may be, the Bay of Bengal plus the adjoining Storms of this specific intensity historically happen throughout Bangladesh once every 20 for you to 30 years. But two "super-cyclones" in a couple of years, followed by a slim escape when super-cyclone Nargis slain 100, 000 people in nearby Burma 12 months later, convinced Sultan along with her village, as well numerous sceptics in government, that climate change ended up being happening and Bangladesh's very survival was threatened.

Climate Change Impacts

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