Sunday, September 6, 2015

Contribution of Forest to the National Economy of Bangladesh

Forestry has manifold contributions towards the welfare of mankind. This many by using high methods has become known on the advancement connected with the world. The forestry sector contributes about 1.79% of the total GDP of Bangladesh. Forest and tree resources also play an important role in protecting watersheds, irrigation and hydraulic structures, also in keeping the rivers and ports navigable. Additionally, they participate in essential jobs throughout defending your resort parts via pure mishaps. The role of forest in protecting the environment from pollution and its contribution towards biodiversity is immense.

Occupation Creation

Within 2001-2002, regarding 2% from the complete manpower from the nation had been involved within the forestry field. Many people benefited directly from forestry-related activities e.g. in the wood based industry, saw milling, furniture making, establishing and operating private nurseries, logging, and in afforestation programs. Besides this, in the Sundarban region, millions of people depend on the mangrove forest for their livelihood (e.g. mawali, bawali, fishermen, etc.).

contribution of forest