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Contribution of Forest to the National Economy of Bangladesh

Forestry has manifold contributions towards the welfare of mankind. This many by using high methods has become known on the advancement connected with the world. The forestry sector contributes about 1.79% of the total GDP of Bangladesh. Forest and tree resources also play an important role in protecting watersheds, irrigation and hydraulic structures, also in keeping the rivers and ports navigable. Additionally, they participate in essential jobs throughout defending your resort parts via pure mishaps. The role of forest in protecting the environment from pollution and its contribution towards biodiversity is immense.

Occupation Creation

Within 2001-2002, regarding 2% from the complete manpower from the nation had been involved within the forestry field. Many people benefited directly from forestry-related activities e.g. in the wood based industry, saw milling, furniture making, establishing and operating private nurseries, logging, and in afforestation programs. Besides this, in the Sundarban region, millions of people depend on the mangrove forest for their livelihood (e.g. mawali, bawali, fishermen, etc.).

contribution of forest
Forests engage in a vital purpose from the local weather process. They are a major reservoir of carbon, containing some 80% of all the carbon stored in land vegetation, and about 40% of the carbon residing in soils. Huge volumes regarding carbon dioxide are usually provided in to the ambiance any time natural environment terrain will be eliminated.

However, during the 1990 forests were being cut down at a rate of 150,000 km² per year but only 50,000 km² per year was being planted leading to a total loss of 940,000 km² of forested land throughout the world, which means approximately 1,200,000,000 tones entered the atmosphere as carbon dioxide (Houghton, 2004).  Bangladesh had been as soon as densely forested however it's already been removed with regard to wood, transformed into farming or even reduce with regard to fire wood. Hence when Bangladesh’s conventional contribution so that you can world temperatures rising is compact it has the contribution by deforestation is massive. A tropical or subtropical forest absorbs a lot more carbon dioxide into its leaves than a temperate one, typically from 100 to 600 tones per year, for 27every square kilometer (Houghton, 2004). Therefore Bangladeshi NGOs can make a huge difference in preventing climate change by campaigning and taking other practical steps to preserve forests.  Participation might imply lobbying federal government, replanting places or even supplying option livelihoods for individuals who jeopardize the actual jungles via their own actions.

Your Woods Producing Pay for:

Participatory plantations are now being elevated in the improvement spending budget utilizing each federal government as well as exterior mortgage cash. Participatory forestry cannot be made sustainable using government funds only. The Tree Farming Fund (TFF) has been developed using a 10% share from the proceeds of final timber harvest in order to reduce dependency on government and donor funding. The particular Ministry regarding Fund provides accepted the particular TFF that is managed simply by natrual enviroment stakeholders and offer 50% with the replanting expense. The remaining 50% cost will be provided by the project. If TFF doesn't cover 50% of the replanting cost, the participant will contribute voluntary labour to cover the gap. TFF and also participatory work share is likely to make participatory forestry lasting. Bangladesh has an immense scope of popularizing social forestry programs in different land components. In total, about 4.65 million ha of land is available for this purpose, which is about 31% of the country's total land surface. Considering the size of Bangladesh and her forest area, the potential land available for social forestry production systems is quite significant (Khan et al., 2004).

contribution of forest

The forest policy was revised in 1994. This particular plan is actually considerable, flexible as well as powerful within character. The 6 issues considered in formulating the Forest Policy of 1994 are as follows:
• People’s welfare principles inscribed in the Constitution of the Peoples Republic of
•Long-term and specific roles of the forest sector in the overall socio-economic development of the country including the environment
• National policies for the development of agriculture, cottage industries and other  related sectors
•Decisions and recommendations taken in different international conferences and conventions,
• The target of 20% of the country’s land under forest cover by the year 2015
• The importance of urban forestry in reducing pollution in the cities
• The target of the country’s protected area at 10% of the reserved forest by the year  2015
•The need to involve women in homestead and farm forestry and participatory afforestation programs
• The importance of ecotourism, related to forest and wildlife, and 
• Promotion of Government, NGOs and local people working together in order to achieve self reliance in  forest  products and maintenance of the ecological balance.
contribution of forest 
As human development thrives, and global temperature continues to rise, natural protection from tidal waves and cyclones in being degraded at alarming rates. This will inevitably lead to species loss in this richly biodiverse part of the world, if nothing is done to stop it.

So forest is one of the most important parts for any other country. It should be rise day by day on her natural growth.


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