Thursday, August 20, 2015

Environment Alter Effect on Forest

Adverse effects of climate change and environmental disasters as a result of the millions of forest areas people living and facing in extreme threats. The Sundarbans, Rangamati, Bandarban, Khagrachhari, Sylhet and Chittagong are threatened in many regions. Decrease in agricultural production and forestry resources. Several indigenous species of fish and animals are extinct. The lack of employment has been under extreme uncertainty about the millions of people dependent on forestry. The coastal districts storm "KOMENA" after the hit and flooded the area before the news has come.
climate change impact on forest
According to various research reports and data, global warming, climate change, Farakka, fill the bottom of the river adjacent to the coastal regions along the Bay of Bengal due to natural disaster becomes ineligible to live day by day. Especially in the Sundarbans mangrove forest and its adverse impact on biological diversity.

The representative of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in 2009, Ainun Nishat said recently, “the people and their livestock has been extreme threat due to the environmental degradation”.

A research report by the UN funeral, sea surface height 10 cm incresed Sundarbans 15 percent, an increase of 40 per cent of 25 cm, 45 cm An increase of 75 per cent and 60 cm will increase drowned in the Sundarbans. Canals, small rivers in the Sundarbans, the water flow is reduced by the accumulation of sediment filled. Rising tide of new territory is under water. After the devastating cyclone Aila 2009 adjoining to the Sundarbans Satkhira, Khulna, Bagerhat and Patuakhali Barguna trademark cynicism life began to change. Reduction of arable land resource due to river bank collapse by flooded. The lack of fuel has aggravated the crisis plants. Increase in sea surface height from 45 cm to 75 percent of the Sundarbans of India and Bangladesh may be destroyed forever. In the absence of earnings, moral degradation, increased day by day. Trees are constantly killing to make money hopping. Forest trees are destroyed by farming, water land are filled for urbanization, Allied destruction of the area tree by tree species growing in another place, the provision of ecosystem change. Sundarbans mangroves has been changed the structure of the natural ecosystem for shrimp farming.
climate change impact of forest
The result is zero, to make the natural resources of the forest. Do not fill the vacuum being created in the wake of the natural disaster. Due to the destruction of forests for agricultural purposes (for the cultivation of Tree-Paula burning mountain zoom), the burning of coal for energy production as a result of changes in land use or as a result of atmospheric dust, gas or other mineral substances, increasing the amount of small particles. We see that the fog in the winter for these aerosol particles. Before the era of industrialization was almost constant amount of gases in the atmosphere. Since the start of industrialization, which is going to change over time. For example, the process of industrialization in the atmosphere of carbon dioxide gas, about 30% more than in the previous period and year, which represented a 4% increase is mainly due to fossil fuel burning and forest destruction.

Now efforts are needed to protect animals and animal diversity in the area. Every country must have a total land of one forth wilderness. The amount of forest must have the balance of nature in order to protect. Yet its soil is very fertile because of the numerous trees on its own, has increased as a result of afforestation.


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